Glove care
Good advice for a long glove life
Hestra gloves are made to last. A little love and care will help them last even longer. Good for you and the environment. Keep in mind that sport and dress gloves should be taken care of in different ways.

Take care of your sport gloves

Balm the gloves regularly
Leather balm
Grease the leather regularly and it will resist moisture and wear and tear better. Leather balm can make the leather darker, therefore we recommend trying it on a hidden surface first.
To apply leather balm, moisten the leather and use a polishing cloth to rub the balm in until the leather is saturated. A small amount of balm will go a long way. Balm your gloves in the evening to allow ample time for the gloves to fully absorb the balm. Dry the gloves in room temperature and avoid any heating source. Gloves made from goat leather and cowhide need to be balmed.
We do not recommend any other balming or impregnation products then Hestras leather balm.
Replace the lining
Removable linings
When the lining is worn out, replace it with a new one rather than replacing the whole glove.
If it is dirty, wash it! Wool linings should always be handwashed. Many other linings can be machine washed, but you should always follow the care label.
3 tips for sport gloves
Use the carabiner to hang the gloves when drying or not in use. In that way they will retain it's shape.
Colored leather
Dyed leather may stain clothing when wet, so don’t place a wet glove on other garments. Choose a model with a natural leather color if you do not want to risk bleeding.
Be careful
Gloves rarely get damaged while skiing. Instead, the edges of skis and boot buckles are normally the cause of damage to your gloves. Be careful when handling your skis or boots.
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Take care of leather dress gloves

Retain the original fit
Stretch the glove periodically
Each glove’s elasticity is inspected by a glove cutter to ensure the perfect fit. After a little while, however, the glove may float or widen, which means that the elasticity is transferred to the glove’s length rather than its width. This is entirely normal.
To achieve its original fit, simply stretch the glove over the edge of a table. Hold the fingertips of the glove with one hand and the cuff opening with the other. Then stretch gently with the upper hand against the edge of the table. Repeat for the other fingers. Start at the bottom of the finger and work out to the fingertip with four or five strokes. Finally, do the same with the thumb. The elasticity of the leather will return to its original condition as created by the glove cutter during the cutting process.
Take care of your leather
Avoid water and heat sources
We choose to drum dye our leathers, which gives a delightful colour depth. However, the lack of a sprayed colour finish results in a sensitivity to water. If your gloves do become wet there are some possibilities that dark stains may appear, especially for brighter colours. They can be dried flat at room temperature, if wet. Keep them away from any source of heat, as the leather can dry out and become stiff. If darker stains appear, gently rub them with a soft cloth and some talcum powder.
Dress gloves should not be washed on a regular basis, but if you have to wash them please follow the guide below:
Let your gloves rest
Use several pairs of gloves
Our Table Cut gloves are made from the finest materials. To retain their beautiful appearance, they should be periodically rested, especially after becoming damp. Our advice is to allow a day between wearings and to alternate them with other gloves.
Retain the fit of the glove
Let your gloves rest
Leather guide
A lesson in leather
Wash and dry
Learn how to wash and dry your dress and sport gloves. It is very important to do this in the correct way to not accidentally destroy the gloves.